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Google Penguin Recovery Services

Google Penguin has emerged as nothing less than a horrible nightmare for the web masters. This update has affected several websites and has hit link spammers terribly hard. As per Search Engine Roundtable poll, it has been brought forward that of all the websites affected by Penguin update from Google, only 6 per cent have managed to recover.

Is your website is also among which has got a bad thrash from Google's Penguin update? Don't lose hope or get disappointed, because your website can re-establish its previous rankings by deploying appropriate Penguin recovery tools and tactics. Well, you can completely rely on us for premium quality Google Penguin Recovery Services in India. We W3Origin, an experienced SEO Company in India have an expertise oriented team which can help you retrieve your website's previous search engine rankings.

Google Penguin Removal Services in India - Features

Although it is not a difficult task but needs thorough analysis of the problem. Unfortunately what happens is that the web masters could not understand the real reason that why Google Penguin update is affecting your website and thus become unable to take the right action to safeguard the rankings of their websites. The approach that most of the people follow is removing low quality links, shifting to high quality hand-built links and the use of link disavow tool.

These techniques are although helpful but do not tackle the problem completely. In order to take the right action, one needs to be sure about what's going wrong. Fundamentally, Penguin update affects the websites which have:

  • Violated Google webmaster guidelines
  • Extensively optimized interlinking
  • Disproportionate reciprocal linking
  • Hidden links and texts
  • Low quality back links
  • Back links from websites that focus primarily on advertisements and thin content
  • Back links from websites penalized by Google
    • How our Google Penguin Recovery Services Works?

      Let us first understand why your website got penalized - because of inefficient and low quality back links from bad neighbours, that is, unnatural links. Thus, the first and foremost step that you need to take is attracting back links from credible websites. This is what we do for you by following ethical white hat techniques.

      Our professional SEO Services Experts manually indulge in building in revising your link building strategy and by building high quality back links from credible and reputed websites. Our strategic process includes:

      • Attracting viewers who will link to your website naturally
      • Building relationships for enhancing natural links
      • Establishing you as the though leader of your niche of the market
        • Hire for Google Penguin Recovery in India.

          Our Google Penguin Recovery Services and Panda Recovery Services are best in the industry as we follow a comprehensive approach to recover your website from the negative effects of Penguin update. We first analyse your website to understand the way how Penguin update has affected it to customize our services as per your requirements. We act appropriately to make your website regain its position that it had before being hit by Penguin. The approach that we follow includes:

          • Evaluating and removing the unnatural or inorganic links
          • Analysing external links with our proprietary tools
          • Profound baseline keywords analysis
          • Analysis of meta tags and content of the entire website to check duplicity or redundancy
          • Analysis of the status for redirection pages
          • In-depth analysis of website indexing and crawling
          • Replacing the redundant and weak content with informative and interesting one
          • Revise your link-building strategy and removing exactly matching anchor texts
          • The Penguin effects like "over optimization" and "cup cake effect" are also taken care
          • Check any black hat links supplied by spam websites and remove them
            • After doing all these, we submit a file reconsideration request to Google. We judiciously optimize the onsite content of your website while implementing high quality SEO Content Writing Services in your website. We understand that removal of some links is quite difficult and we provide appropriate solutions for those links as well. With all these efforts, we try to recover your website from weak SEO status by building informative content and high quality back links from trusted websites.

              We help your website to attain even higher rankings by practising better search engine optimization techniques by making it follow ethical rules towards digital promotion. Our team of professionals that is comprised by some of the extremely conversant and creative talents of the SEO industry is capable of deploying pioneering SEO strategies and we believe in serving our client with premium quality services in a cost-effective manner.

              We are a leading and trustworthy SEO Agency in India who assures to offer you the highly efficient Google Penguin Recovery Services which are reasonable and successive.

              We believe in catering to the needs of our revered customers and provide the same through our dedicated service and expert SEO professionals. If you have any Query, mail us at: OR talk to us at: +91-9015191585